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Warning: Browser Privacy

For your safety, we highly recommend using a computer or device that your abuser does not share with you.  We provide the “Quick Exit” box to redirect your browser to Google on short notice, however this should not be considered a good strategy to permanently hide browsing history.  When you use the internet to look up information, check e-mail, or view social media websites, your browser stores information about your browsing history.  This can also include saved passwords which would enable an abuser to check your e-mail and social media profiles like Facebook.  Also, be aware that tech-savvy abusers can trace online history from your computer or mobile device by capturing traffic as it passes through your router.  For this reason, the ideal situation is to use a computer at a library or use a computer at a trusted friend’s house.

If you must use the same computer as an abuser.  Please follow some of these guidelines:

  • Clear all temporary browser information, including cookies, browsing history and autofill form data from search engines.  This information allows an abuser to view your search history including our website, which may put your safety at risk.  Each browser has different steps for clearing your history.
    • In Chrome, you can type chrome://settings into the address bar and hit enter. Next, click on the History link
    • In Internet Explorer, you can go to “Internet options” where there is a section called “Browsing history”
    • In Firefox, from the top menu go to History –> Clear Recent History. From there, you can select a time range including “everything”
  • Do not have your browser store passwords. For additional safety, change passwords frequently and never use the same password for multiple websites. To help manage your passwords, you can consider password managers like KeePass.
  • If you save files to your computer hard drive, or check e-mail using a software program like Outlook or Thunderbird be aware that sent messages or files can be viewed. If you delete a file, it may still be accessible via the Recycle / Trash bin.